Real‐Time Shear Bolt Detection

About Shank Patrol

Adam Bjerketvedt

My name is Adam Bjerketvedt. I work with a company called Precision Ag 360.   Our team developed a product called Shank Patrol, a monitoring system for the cab of any tillage equipment tractor.

We created Shank Patrol because as soon as a shear bolt breaks, you start losing money. Shank Patrol is an alarm system that monitors the movement of each shank. As soon as a shank breaks, it moves, and as soon as it moves, our sensors pick it up. Our real-time, in-cab monitor lights up immediately, telling you which shank is broken, saving time and labor resources.

The Precision Ag 360 team tested Shank Patrol for three years using actual feedback from farmers who tried it in their own fields. Our No. 1 comment was that Shank Patrol gives them the confidence of knowing the job is done right, and that adds up to peace of mind. No more getting off the tractor to check for broken bolts, just to realize that not only is the bolt broken, but also that you don't know when it happened or how many acres you covered with a broken bolt.

Our current version of Shank Patrol can be fitted for up to 16 rows on specific tillage and manure application equipment. Shank Patrol is currently expanding to additional models as demand increases. Suggestions are welcome.

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